June 1, 2020

Why should I get my maternity photos done?


I'm going to be completely honest, pregnancy is by far the hardest but the most rewarding gift in any woman's life. Sure it can be a magical moment of blossoming into the new woman you will become once you meet your beautiful creation, but at times, you're not going to feel your greatest and with that you may have some hesitation on getting your maternity photos done. I'm here to tell you why you NEED to get these photos done and this is coming from someone who refused to get my own photos done until the last few weeks.

Your body is going through something so magical and is such a blessing not many women get to experience. That alone is a big reason as to why you should take the photos. I wish I had gotten to see my own mom pregnant with me, but she isn't one for photos. I just knew that one day, my own child may like to see those photos. Life before the little one.

Your family is going through a huge change, whether it be going from a couple to having a new baby or having baby #4. Having a baby CHANGES EVERYTHING. Document those precious moments before your family gets bigger. And if your going from a fur parent to a parent, please bring those pups along. They are just as much family as your little human will be.

I can promise you this. You.Will.Forget.Your.Pregnancy. I didn't think I would but oh boy, I was so wrong. Looking back on my maternity photos as such a grand memory that I am so lucky to have after battling infertility. Even though I didn't feel my best, I gained 60+ pounds and I was more swollen then a soda can on a hot day.

Now, if you are worried about not looking your best, I offer gowns with all of my maternity sessions. You need to feel like a goddess on the day of your maternity. You are growing your baby and we need to show off that "mom to be" glow. Any maternity photographer you choose will make you feel and look like the queen you are, especially me.

So please, don't hesitate to take the maternity photos. You will not regret it.